Thursday, February 9, 2012

Is Mother Nature actually Wile E. Coyote?

Usually when you wake up to a Winter Wonderland and see mostly brown mud by afternoon, you know it's March. Except it isn't. I'm not the only one discombobulated by this odd weather pattern. There are robins and bluejays pecking around in the yard. There are as many squirrels as when there are tomatoes to steal from the garden. Is it already time to get the seeds going for the garden? Wazzup?

When I arose this morning, haven driven home in steady snow, I was greeted by an appropriate dawn: clean white and beautiful. See the picture below on the left. When I arose from a nice post grocery-shopping-orgy nap. See the picture below on the right. It's wrong.

It's not so wrong that we're having a fairly easy winter, since the last two have been so brutal. Even Mother Nature DOES say, "I'm sorry."  It's just that she won't give us any early guarantees that she won't smack us a good one after things really have begun to sprout. I'm trusting this weather as much as I'd trust a deranged cartoon coyote with a case of Acme Dynamite. Everything could just blow up.

While this all is making me want to start the kitchen garden seeds early in the house, the way things are going, we could have a blizzard in May. No "Roadrunnering" into spring just yet. Guess I'll wait until it really is March.

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