Sunday, February 26, 2012

What's this blog all about besides food?

What's this blog all about besides food?  Someone asked that a couple of days ago and the question has been rolling around in my head. Addled with cold meds and antibiotics, since the doc isn't quite sure what this is except an "infection",  it's generated more questions for me, but also an answer. Kind of a Sunday sermon here, which is funny considering I feel most organized religions are abominations. But there it is. On a plate.

Let me climb up in the pulpit, then. And if the walls don't fall in, listen. It's about passing along the true secret ingredient: love. Cooking for yourself,  your family and friends is the surest way to show it everyday. If you don't cook for yourself, because you can't be bothered says far more about you and your world than you could tell me in a week. I can only show you about my way here, and that I believe the best things that you can put on your table are things you've had some sort of hand in producing yourself. Homegrown if you can, home cooked for sure. It's a giving of yourself. Hard to put much of yourself into a boxed frozen meal cooked in the microwave, or soulless prefab meals you can heat and eat. There's more heart in a simple bowl of homemade rice and beans than in a freezer full of famous chef designer pizzas.

The bottom line is: I believe there is an energy and power that we get from our food, and relying on commercial processors for every bit of what's on our plates diminishes it. We need to take back that power. We need to grow it and cook it. And share it.

I joined BlogHer's February challenge to blog daily for a month to test my mettle as a blogger. My biggest questions were did I have enough to tell you about on a daily basis, and could I actually sit down and write every day? Well, so far, the answers are yes, and yes. Oh, yes. This month is winding up and I haven't even skimmed the surface yet.

So when February ends,  there will still be plenty of food for thought, for the garden and table. And you'll still be able to find it here.

Go forth and cook something!

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