Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Food my Husband Hates: Smoked Salmon, Goat Cheese on Rye with Onion

Smoked salmon, red onion, spinach, goat cheese on rye. Oh my!

I get plenty of nights where I don't have to cook, since my husband likes to go out to eat. But less often, I get to eat at home alone. This may not sound like a big thing, but since he's a fairly picky eater, when his work keeps him out past dinner, I get to eat things that he wouldn't touch with a 20 foot pole. His pickiness extends into a lot of food realms: fish, offal, raw vegetables, condiments, salads in general, dark get the picture. Even the sight or smell of some of these foods can drive him from the house. I eat everything, so having these foods at home, for me, is a big deal. Yes, I can order it out, but it's not like eating at home with your shoes off.

Robin, at work yesterday, laughed at me singing the praises of the smoked salmon sandwich with RAW onions, spinach and goat's cheese I was planning for MY dinner. She, obviously doesn't live with anyone with so many food phobias. Lucky girl. But I did hustle home and make my savory, smoky, stinky, oniony sandwich. It was wonderful. I hope he's gone for dinner again every now and then, because while I missed him, there will be more fish and Brussels sprouts in my future.

This is hardly a recipe:

Mix an ounce of soft goat's cheese with an ounce of softened cream cheese. Spread thickly on two slices of your favorite bread. My choice is thin-sliced rye. Add a layer of raw red onion.

Next layer on 3 ounces of smoked salmon,  a few grinds of black pepper and a handful of baby spinach. Top with the second slice of bread. Eat. Enjoy.

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