Friday, July 20, 2012

100 Times: Are you sick of me yet?

I am faintly shocked that this will be my 100th blog post. How can that be? I have yet to make any forays into the actual work of blogging.  No RSS feed. No advertising. Not yet, at least.  I just cook and write. I haven't even made a dent in the list of things I want to tell you about. We haven't gotten to homemade sausage or bacon, or anything about my infamously famous meatball mishaps.

There's time. I plan to just keep going until I run out of things about which to talk and write, and I want to thank you all for reading and cooking, and I promise that the rest of the way will be interesting and delicious. I hope you aren't sick of me yet.

Today's recipe: Pour yourself a beer or a glass of wine. Go find a nice shady spot to sit in.

Toast the good friends and good meals yet to come.


The scene of many wonderful food crimes.

1 comment:

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