Friday, August 10, 2012

Fee, Fie, Foe, Friday: Somebody Took My Smoker

We've joined a cult. My old, big BBQ smoker had to go when I could no longer hitch and trailer it, and a few years back, I got a medium sized one. The little one is somewhere lost behind the shed. I cranked out a lot of good brisket, ribs and pork shoulders in that thing. I modified it quite a bit along the way with a lot of help from the nice folks at Smoking Meat Forums. I named it Faithful. But I still had to stay up most of the night tending the fire every few hours to keep it going low and slow. Finally I caved, and we bought a Big Green Egg, which as far as I am concerned, is the ultimate Grill-BBQ-Smoker. I don't have to snooze in a chaise lounge between the smoker and a pile of applewood any more. The BGE will hold a steady temp for hours which means Mama gets to SLEEP. In bed. The Big Green Egg may have a cultish following, but there's a reason. There is nothing like it in 'Q world. We're in the BGE cult.

But what to do with the now-rusting hulk of my old Faithful? If you look in the upper left of the picture below, you can see it sitting lonely out in the middle of the yard, while the BGE takes center stage. Black and rusty, it was no beauty, but it worked. Temperamental, but it worked. Faithful weighs around 200 pounds, and since we had no way to dispose of it, we called our trash hauler and they were going to send a truck with two brawny men to take it away, and Faithful's BBQ days were done.
Poor old Faithful, back there in the upper left corner, has been replaced.
Since he had some time early this evening, before we went out to dinner, Chuck shoved and pushed Faithful all the way to the edge of the lawn near the curb to catch a ride in a trash truck tomorrow. Then we left for dinner. Two hours later, as we turned into the driveway, there was an empty spot where Faithful had been sitting. It was gone. Somebody took my smoker. Faithful may just have another chance at being the centerpiece of big BBQs again. God, I hope so. Saved from the trash truck in the nick of time.

Rock on Faithful; I know you'll be smokin' wherever you are.

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