Friday, October 12, 2012

Fee, Fie, Foe, Friday: Delete Those Sanctimonious Blogs

"Delete" got a good workout today.
Off with their heads. I have just banished a number of blogs from my Google Reader because they deserved it. If I find a blog or site that is worth bookmarking, usually for recipes or food related information, I add it to Google Reader because otherwise, I'd have to invent the 51-hour- day to hit each one to read. The problem is, some of the "healthy" food ones have become a little--or in some cases, highly sanctimonious about their own opinions of what composes a healthy diet. The worst of them are the raw fooders, and the totally unprocessed food people. There are serious problems with what we, as a population eat in general, but it's economically, socially and nutritionally wrong to make such blanket assumptions.  There is no one perfect diet for everyone. Period. But these folks act as if they are the all-knowing food gods and everyone else is supposed to aspire to be them. Generally, they are also selling something. Hmmm?

Every genre of blog has them. The Mommy Bloggers who make moms feel they just don't measure up, The Fashionistas Bloggers who make us feel frumpy. The Techno Bloggers who make us feel like we lag so far behind. The Political Bloggers who act as if those who disagree are wrong. Just like in real life there are some people who just aren't nice. Don't follow, don't bookmark. Delete.

So, I had a lot of fun with my little delete button today. No sense keeping anyone or anything around that continually tries to either convert you, or make you feel bad about what you eat, what you think or who you are, right?  Good thing they don't let me anywhere near a guillotine.

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