Friday, October 19, 2012

Fee, Fie, Foe, Friday: Turning into a Pumpkin at Midnight?

Nearly a month ago I wrote about the disgusting proliferation of fakey pumpkin-flavored, scented and colored foods and other pumpkin products flooding the market. I had NO idea about how much worse it was going to get. No idea.

I can't wait until October is over, or at least until the media is flooded with traditional and non-traditional turkey recipes, and non-turkey recipes for Thanksgiving. Then the Pumpkin Proliferation will magically disappear. Do you know that there are pumpkin spiced potato chips, soap, lotions, Pop Tarts (yup), Hershey Kisses, lip balms,, beer and even soy milk. I wish I was kidding.

The few products I've tried have been so awful that I don't even want to think about the others. Don't get me wrong, pumpkin is a wonderful thing. They are so wonderful for pies, gnocchi, ravioli and lasagna.  You can feed canned pumpkin to your dog when he's um, "gastrically" challenged, and you're sick of shampooing the rug. There are some really flavorsome heirloom pumpkins and historically, pumpkin is a hugely important foodstuff in much of the world. Nearly all of the plant is useful in some way.  That's digressing,  though, from my rant about the gross commercialization of a seasonal vegetable. In Spring we don't have asparagus flavored toaster pastries. Or corn chocolate candies in August. Am I the only one repulsed by all of this junk?

The food bloggers are no better. Pandering.  Out of the dozen or so blogs I follow regularly, all but one has featured pumpkin-something this week. Thankfully, all the recipes appear to be at least edible. Still, we are nearing the end of October and the Great Pumpkin will finally rise. I hope. Or Maybe I should just suck it up and carry on for a few more weeks. So I don't turn into a pumpkin at midnight.
Even I own some pumpkin decor,
but it is neither edible or scented,

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