Friday, November 30, 2012

Fee, Fie, Foe, Friday: The Christmas Cookie Wars

The cookie books are a just small part of the cookie repertoire:
there are boxes of cards, baking books, scribbled notes...
and my cookie memory.
It appears that my Mocha Two-Tones are vying for first place with Aunt Lillian's Kourabeides. I didn't make them last year. That could give them an edge. Happens every year. It's a regular cookie slugfest. I have to decide what kind of cookies I'm going to bake this year. Pizzelles are totally out of the running, since my friend John is planning to make off with my pizzelle iron soon. They aren't usually a top contender anyway because I find them tedious and time consuming. Hope he shares. Granted, this cookie competition is all in my head, but since my baking time is limited, I have to get it down to the top three. When I had more leisure time at Christmas, and when I was catering and teaching, it was nothing to make a dozen different types of sweet treat. No problem. Chuck does bake cookies each year: chocolate chip and more chocolate chip. But that doesn't make it Christmas for me. I need variety. My cookie tray is a crucial part of our family Christmas.

I've been swooning over some salted caramel-topped shortbread I saw on a blog recently, and my set of linzer cutters was at the top of my baking box when I was searching for muffin papers last week. Such a decision. A first world problem, I need to remind myself how lucky I am to have such simple choices to make.

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