Friday, November 16, 2012

Fie, Fie, Foe, Friday: It's Not Even Thanksgiving Yet!

I had to hit a local Dollar Store today for some tissue paper. No biggie, but here we are, a week shy of Thanksgiving and there were virtually NO Thanksgiving items around. No paper plates embellished with pilgrims or goofy looking turkeys. No turkey frills, no plastic decorative turkeys. Nothing but the usual dollar store stuff , and Christmas, Christmas, Christmas. The whole business is kind of depressing. Same deal in Macy's and the other department stores here, except for Nordstrom.  Bless them. Thanksgiving is simply the starting gun for the holiday shopping race.

Now, since I work in retail, I do understand about the Christmas thing, and even I start my Christmas shopping in October. But as a food lover, I am incensed that the one true food-centric holiday, even if it is too tightly bound in tradition, is given such short shrift between Halloween and Christmas in most places. Thank heaven I work in a kitchenware store and WE know how to promote a delicious Thanksgiving. There is no other holiday where the point of it is just to sit around the table and feast, giving thanks for what you have and those around you. Shame, isn't it?
Thankful that Kitchen Kapers, where I work,
 has the Thanksgiving Spirit, at least until Black Friday.
...This photo is from the store in Ardmore PA.
As a blogger, I keep thinking that I should be giving you scads of Thanksgiving recipes, but I'm not. Even next week, they won't be all that Turkey-Day oriented. But I do have just two pieces of advice: Be thankful, since we really can't fathom how lucky we all are, and use a good meat thermometer on that turkey.

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