Friday, December 7, 2012

Fee, Fie, Foe, Friday: After All, The Dishes.

Yep, this is a rant. There are two kinds of people in the world: the ones to whom Christmas just happens, and those who actually MAKE Christmas happen. For some people, the impending holiday season means sitting around, drinking cocoa or a hot toddy and watching "A Christmas Story" or the "Peanuts Christmas Special" for the 46th time. Hum along with the music.  Nobody in this house sits until January. We fall into the category of those who make Christmas happen. We're the ones who climb the ladders and hang the lights, fill the stockings and stuff the turkey. And wash the dishes.  The others are the people who tell you the lights are crooked, they don't want any candy in their stockings, but an iPod will do, and Oh, they decided to go vegan early Christmas morning, so what do you have besides turkey? And after all is said and done, and eaten, we do the dishes.

For example, today was a recipe test day, I wanted to turn a favorite Christmas cookie dough recipe into a dough that's easy to roll so I can blog it (you'll love them!) and ended  up making two entirely different versions of the same cookie. Dishes twice. Then I needed to get started on some foods to freeze ahead for Christmas dinner. Dishes. And then the Galette de Crabe for Christmas dinner. And more dishes. I'll make one more batch of cookies tomorrow morning, and guess what. More dishes. That salt cod I've been soaking to make a nice brandade like I ate last weekend? Still more dishes. Thankfully dinner will be out tomorrow night. Am sick of dishes. There'll be a little get-together with a few friends...and dishes. Plus, those latkes I'll fry for Aunt May on the Sunday? Yep, dishes.

Empty the damn dish drain so I can fill it again...Arggggh!
I really love the holidays, except for the dishes.

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