Friday, January 25, 2013

Fee, Fie, Foe, Friday: The Gift of a Snow Day

A dusting. Pretty and all the snow I want this year,
unless I get a snow day!
I am usually never off from work when it snows. Monday night I slid about half the way home since decision wether to brine the road or not is left up to the individual townships. The shopping center where the store is located almost never closes thanks to the soulless major chain stores that anchor the retail property. The snowstorm would have to include feet of drifting snow, and a municipal state of emergency for the place to shut down. So we just dig out and go in. 

Snow days off are good for the soul. Snow days are magic; they allow you to suspend the "musts" and "have to's" of normal days and give you the gift of time.  As luck would have it, I am actually off today, a regular day off,  and the weather pundits are predicting a few inchs of snows at best. While it won't be a real snow day, I can pretend. I actually sat at my kitchen counter last evening with a mug of tea, trying to decide just how to spend my "Snow Day". Since I have the option to stay off the road, do I stay in and do niggling chores, or do I make a pot of tea and hunker down on the sofa with the dog, the cat and a good read? Or do I have a kitchen play day? Or some of each?

Right now I'm leaning toward some of each. I'd like to pack a few boxes of stuff for charity, make new batches of creme fraiche  and kimchi since both are running frightening low, and get together a couple of dinners for the work week ahead. And then settle in with my copy of Modernist Cuisine at Home so I can plan some new projects for a real snow day. What do you like to do with your snow days?

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