Friday, January 18, 2013

Fee, Fie, Foe, Friday: It Ends with Lobster Stock

I try to not let Chuck go to Costco without me. It's not that he won't get what we need, its that he'll get some things we don't need. In vast quantities. Some women tell me their husbands are likely to arrive home from a club store with another big flat screen TV, or a disassembled garden gazebo  rising out of the open sun roof of their sedan. Or a lifetime supply of cheese curls. Mine usually comes home with big bags of frozen food, because he thinks of our basement freezer as a time capsule. Of course the 800 chicken tenders will last for the 5 years it'll take us to eat them, they're frozen. They were such a deal.

This trip was different. He called me at work. He was standing in the seafood department and there are these huge lobster tails, a pound each, from the Dominican Republic. He wants to buy them; they're already thawed and will need to be used quickly. I said no, so guess what was sitting in my fridge when I got home? Yep, two big, honkin' lobster tails. The price was just too good.

Now generally, I'm not the type to turn down any kind of lobster. But since I had other cooking I was planning to write about, lobster wasn't going to be my first choice....but, gee, lobster. I love it. My favorite is cold water Maine lobster, but after that, any lobster is great lobster. For once, there was so much meat, I actually had enough lobster. Those giant shells are simmering peacefully turning plain water into glorious lobster stock as I digest my dinner of simple sautéed lobster and asparagus.

Life is good, especially when Chuck sneaks off to Costco.

Basic lobster stock: lobster shells and water.

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