Wednesday, January 16, 2013

The Christmas Cookies Live On...and On

Christmas is over, and I mean over. The drive home now is dull, there are no inflatable Santas bobbing on front lawns, no cheery lights on porches and trees. Even my tree is nearly put away. The only vestige of Christmas that remains is the cookies. We still have Christmas cookies. Lots of them.

Thanks to Chuck baking what appears to be close to 20 dozen chocolate chip cherry cookies, and everyone brought batches over, too. I also have a few mocha squiggles, and some fruitcake stashed, too.  Since we're pretty much off the sugar wagon now, these cookies may very well still be hanging around by the 4th of July. God help us. As it is, they are well past their prime now, I'll probably be able to skip them across the duck pond by July. I may be stuck with these things, and since I am trying to lose a few, along with probably 20 million of my fellow Americans, eating them isn't an option.

The problem is, right after Christmas, everyone is loaded up, so no one wants to take any off your hands. Then, once January rolls in, everyone is on a diet. In this house, there is no even considering tossing them out, or there will be hell to pay.There is no winning the leftover cookie war except to eat them...or take them to work. Hope the crew at the store is hungry. Otherwise these cookies may just live on, and on...on my hips.

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  1. Judy, I think you are up to creating a recipe to use these treasures. Maybe a crust for a cheesecake? A trifle? Hmmm..may have too google leftover cookies!