Friday, February 15, 2013

Fee, Fie, Foe, Friday: The Birdhouse & The Storm

We had snow last night. Another nuisance snowstorm. A few inches of slushy wet snowy glop. A bit more of a spring snow than we've been getting since it was wet and heavy instead of light and fluffy. But yesterday while I was out with the dog I decided to take a look in the garden and see how well my garden and yard were holding up. After all, in a month or so, it'll be cleanup time.

The vegetable garden looks pretty forlorn; it usually does in February, but since I didn't finish cleaning out the asparagus bed last fall, it looks especially sad. And my cold frame, built by the original owner of this house, evidently is going to need a little work this spring too. Storm damage from Sandy: the plexiglass is out of the frame in a few places. Need to order the materials for my raised beds and a few loads of mushroom soil too. I swear I'm not adding one more thing to my to-do garden list. I hurried back to the garden steps, and Hobbes started nosing around another survivor of  Hurricane Sandy that I didn't know we had.

We lost several big trees to the storm. BIG ones. 60 footers, but at the back of the property where they did no damage. When the crew came to remove the remains, and cut up the fallen trunks, they found a very unusual birdhouse. It must have been placed so high neither of us had ever seen it. It may have been put into a small tree and ended up at the top as the tree reached for the clouds. Who knows, but it looks as if it's seen quite a bit in its time. It has charter, to say the least.  And he looks like he wants another tree. So one more thing goes on the list. A tree for Mr. Birdhouse.

Handmade birdhouse found in a fallen tree.

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