Friday, February 22, 2013

Fee, Fie, Foe, Friday: Everything Is NOT Done By Friday

It's the end of the week and I want to complain. Everything I had on my so-called plate this week to get done is not done. The only person who ever had everything done by Friday was a guy named Robinson Crusoe. The rest of us try to do it all ourselves. Sad but true.

Now that Winter really is trickling away, although you wouldn't know it from the cold, biting wind we have here near Philly, there are some jobs I need to get done by month's end. Gathering my tax stuff for the accountant, is at the top of the list, plus ordering the lumber for my new raised garden beds, and cleaning out my office.  I was going to make some potstickers, but never got to the store for more cilantro and scallions. On the list is to cook ahead for next week as my work schedule is busy-busy. There are only a few days left of miserable February, and they are all booked solid.

There have been some victories this week: Chuck is getting better, and things are looking up on that score. It didn't snow. I am all over wanting it to snow now. Don't want to see ANY. Want daffodils. At least my orchids are getting ready to bloom again, and  the fig tree is popping leaves out in the sun room now that the days are getting longer. Adam and Eve will have a new fig leaf wardrobe soon. The night skies are pretty, too, but I still need to get some laundry done, change the sheets, grocery shop, go to the drug store and drop off the cleaning. Oh and buy gas for both cars. There are also a few sauces I want to make to go with some vegetables that I wanted to write about here on the blog because they are too good not to share.

My fig tree lost its leaves over the winter, but is leafing out with the longer days.
His name is Fignatious.
The unfortunate thing is that at the very tip top of my list is a nap. I come from a long line of nappers, and I'm not about to break the chain now. My father could cat nap on a shoestring. I prefer the sunroom sofa, accompanied  by a small dog and cat. While my honey was in the hospital, I didn't sleep well, and now I have a little sleep debt to myself to pay off, and I will. It's a priority after the groceries and gas. It's the main thing to get done by Friday, and I will. Even if I complain.

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