Friday, February 8, 2013

Fee, Fie, Foe, Friday: Recipe Overload

Every morning my email is filled with food newsletters, and recipe emails. Add to that, the blogs I subscribe to on Google Reader, add to that the list of periodicals like the NYT that have fabulous forward oriented food sections,  and add to THAT my enormous collection of cookbooks. Am working my way methodically through "Modernist Cuisine at Home", too. So many things I want to try. Recipe Overload. I just don't have the time or enough people to feed to cook all of this great stuff, but I sure wish I did.

Additionally, I have a lot of small kitchen projects going. There's a very pretty jar of Moroccan style preserved lemons doing their thing on my kitchen counter (and they will be a blog post once I get to taste them and see if they're great), kimchi in the basement fridge, and a batch of hot pepper sauce fermenting in the cellar. 
Moroccan style preserved lemons "brewing" on the kitchen counter
In the cooking and baking queue, I've also got a box of tapioca flour ready to make some crepes, both sweet and savory tomorrow, and I have a Yeasted Vanilla Cake from Aki and Alex over at Ideas in Food rising in my turned off oven since my kitchen is a little too drafty at this time of year for yeast to be really happy. Can't wait to bake this vanilla cake up later today, since it's total rise time is around 22 hours. Rising in the bowl, the yeast batter looks a lot like the pudding Woody Allen fought in his film "Sleeper". I am also hoping to find the time to make the Chocolate Caramel Peanut Bars from Hedy Goldsmith's "Baking Out Loud" since I am planning to go off of sugar for a while and they look like the perfect last bite. But that'll require a quick trip out to get more peanuts because I ate 'em. Ooops.

Oh, and blog posts to write for next week.Hoo, boy am I ever in recipe overload, but, you know, it's a great place to be. Until the gardening starts in a few weeks, then all bets are off. Although I'll still be in Recipe Overload.

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