Friday, March 22, 2013

Fee, Fie, Foe, Friday: Forget the Easter Bonnet, Get a New Pan

Maybe I'm just cranky because here it is Spring, and I am still needing to wear my Uggs. Now, I love my fuzzy, wooly boots, but isn't it time for sandals, Easter bonnets and daffodils? Evidently not. It snowed an inch this morning, and it's the kind of windy cold that makes us bicker about who's turn it is to walk the dog. So if it's too cold where you are, instead of any sort of new Spring clothing, I suggest springing for a new pan, or some another kitchen tool you've been needing for a while.

Here's my reasoning for this: Spring is too short to warrant any new wardrobe items unless you are under the age of 12 or over 75 and need a hat and dress for church. It's going to go from 29ºF to 75ºF in too little time.  Winter to Summer, bypassing Spring.  Not the first time. Just put away the longjohns, and take out the shorts. The rest of us have better things to do with our money. Like buy a food tool we can use everyday all year long. If you take the money you would have spent on an outfit, or even just shoes, you can get a good roasting pan or a braiser like this:
A nice French-made braiser from Staub
I highly recommend you consider this. And if you think a couple of hundred dollars is too much to spend on a pan you'll likely have forever, then tell me truthfully how many pairs of shoes you have in the back of your closet that you never wear and how much they cost. Especially the ones you got for that fancy wedding 3 years ago and ended up dancing barefoot. Gotcha. Now go get that nice roasting pan you'll need for that Easter ham, or the braiser you'll need for that brisket.

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