Friday, April 19, 2013

Fee, Fie, Foe, Friday: Self Expectations, the Weather, and No Mercy

I'm ranting today. I make these plans for my self to complete within certain time frames --like getting the second raised bed built before noon today. There is a lot to do on my days off, especially while Chuck is recovering from his eye surgery. Other things are calling for my attention, and that's as much time as I can give to finishing it. If the weather holds, I'll have them both filled with 4 cubic yards of soil by the end of the month, so while it won't be an early garden year, there will still be tomatoes, zukes, and beans. I expect far more of my self than I can usually reasonably achieve in any day. But I just get up and try again.

First off, the weather isn't cooperating. It's been raining intermittently. Not showering or drizzling. Raining. Not using power tools in the rain. Cause as soon as I finish this, its on to laundry, and some errands this afternoon, before the BIG rain comes tonight.

Plus, I've been watching this sad business in Boston. I think every effort should be made to take this guy alive and keep him alive. If he wants to be a martyr for his cause, keeping him alive would be the worst possible punishment. Death is too good and too easy for terrorists.

Peace. The rain has stopped. Again.

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