Monday, April 1, 2013

This Really Takes the Cake, or Pies or Cupcakes

My husband Chuck is a famous for his Toll House pie. It's a rich, chocolatey concoction of eggs, butter, chocolate and cream that he tops up with a chocolate ganache. If we're going to a family event, chances are he's going to be asked to bring one, or even two. Transporting pies, and most other  baked goods has been an ongoing problem around here, and taking two, makes matters even worse. Carrying cupcakes has been, until now, a drama filled trip complete with smeared frosting and tears. Usually one of us is screaming at the other about slowing down and not braking so hard, and all that.

This is, indeed, one of those "Stuff I Love" postings because we took to of Chuck's chocolate pies to Easter dinner easily and without mishap or drama. I got him one of these collapsible cake / cupcake carriers from Progressive and our transport of baked goods nightmare has ended. We actually sat the two pies on each level of the cupcake trays, and they arrived in perfect shape.  This thing is tall when opened out and will easily carry a 4-layer cake. We've also carried a cake and a pie at the same time in it, and it collapses to half its size for easy storage. Given a few as gifts, too.

Now that Spring has more or less sprung, and you'll be carrying desserts to graduations,and barbecues, get yourself one of these nifty carriers. You won't regret it. Now if I could just get him to make a homemade piecrust...

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