Friday, May 31, 2013

Fee, Fie, Foe, Friday: The Summer Neighborhood is Back

For a few short months, each year, I feel like I'm part of a neighborhood. We all live here year round, that's for sure , but during the winter months we just give muffled, mittened waves at each other from our driveways. Too cold and dark to stop and chat when walking the dog. These long, light evenings, though, get everyone out with their dogs, or in their gardens.  Late spring and summer, this neighborhood is reborn. All good.

Luckily, all the dogs get along, and except for a few tangled leashes, and some joyful barking, even the dogs seem to be sharing news. Last night, first Hobbes and I ran into Denise and Buddy the Havanese outside of Bob's house, and then Bob came out to join us, followed by Caroline and Bacchus. The conversation runs from dog training, to good groomers to the houses for sale, and the fact that the prices are again rising. Who's passed away, who the new family is up the block, and how confused the trash pick up days are  this week. Who is digging out extra ferns and perennials, and who wants them. Lotta nothing-gossip. All good.

Saw Sue and Timmy the spaniel on the way back home, and old Dugan in his yard.  It's hot, and the mosquitoes are back, but the fireflies are about a week away or so unless it stays hot. Crickets are starting up, cicadas, too. Little clumps of folks are congregating by garden gates and on porches. Leashes and baby strollers. All good.

The Summer Neighborhood is Back. Long, light summer evenings for me, equals happy.

Happy Blue.

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