Friday, June 7, 2013

Fee, Fie, Foe, Friday: Berry Frustrating?

Well, Friday is my rant day, and I am going to rant.  (I am lucky to have this problem...) I have homegrown strawberries, just not enough to make jam. Because we keep eating them. Tough, huh?
I won't be picking any today since it's raining buckets, and will continue, thanks to the remnants of tropical storm Andrea feeding into the front we already have. Damn.

So I'm simply going to rant about having to find some delicious  use, and quickly for the berries I have. They're a variety, Mara des Bois, that is very fragile, and don't hold up well for storing. Which is why you rarely will ever see these in farmers markets.  I have to make something. Today. Bake something? Freeze? Oy. All of them are "work". Or fattening.

All our troubles should be like this. Berry frustrating!

Hmm. Enough here for two strawberry tarts.

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