Friday, June 14, 2013

Fee, Fie, Foe Friday: It Was a Berry Short Season

All the Strawberry Jam with Vanilla and Lavender we'll get this year.
This is not actually a rant, just a complaint. And no recipe either. I know I have no control over the weather. Still, Momma Nature is a rough woman to contend with. Finally I have a good crop of strawberries and then we get about 7 inches of rain in less than a week. The result is mushy, moldy berries on the plants. Having already picked about 4 or 5 pounds, I can't say that we got none. We did get plenty to eat plain as fruit, and some berries made it into a strawberry tart, but there really wasn't enough to make as much jam as we'd like, or any to freeze. All the water, while its good for the tomato crop and most of the other plants in the vegetable garden, it has pretty much ruined any plans I had  for more berries. While these are everbearing strawberry plants, the largest batch comes in early June. So we're pretty much done.

It was a berry short season. Pun intended. What I've got to show for it is four really small jars of strawberry jam with vanilla and lavender. Was planning at least double that. If not triple. I won't post the recipe until I get to actually taste the jam, so don't ask. Cause who knows if it will pass the taste test? It's a mish mash of several recipes I found online, and while often that works, occasionally it doesn't. It may be too sweet for my taste; I like to taste more fruit than sugar. We'll see.

All I can say is gather ye strawberries while ye may...or something along those lines. Life is a berry short season.

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