Wednesday, June 5, 2013

Perfect Radishes with Butter and Salt

I know, I know. Ina's done them, all doodled up with herbs and such. A hundred other blogs have done them, too. But a good local or homegrown radish, spread with sweet butter, and sprinkled with coarse salt is a thing of delicious beauty. It's also a très français home-style snack. My friend's French parents served it more than once to me when I was in college, but I was still clutching on to my childhood dislike of radishes back then, and simply ate one politely. 

Fast forward, and here I am happily snacking on the same combo with radishes fresh from my own garden. If you can find them, the longer, red and white radishes are sometimes a little sweeter than the round ones.Tastes can and do change, I prove it to myself again and again. Try things more than once. Even if you think you don't like radishes, get some locally grown radishes, some good sweet butter, or even better, cultured unsalted butter (make your own) and the coarse salt of your choice. I personally prefer a sea salt over kosher, but kosher will do.

What you do is, split a radish, butter it with softened butter, dip or sprinkle with salt and pop it in your mouth. If you want to get fancy, spread the butter on a thin slice of baguette, or thin sliced dark bread like rye or pumpernickel, cover the butte with thinly sliced radish and sprinkle with salt. Too fancy for me after a day in the garden, and if you are avoiding grains. If you are following a Paleo program, just use butter made from pastured cream. Oh, yum. Goûtez-le, il est bon ! And I almost forgot, open a nice bottle of wine and enjoy the long, beautiful June evenings.

Just picked.

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