Friday, July 5, 2013

Fee, Fie, Foe, Friday: What Shall I Cook Today?

Cooking indecisiveness is a disease. Especially when you are a gardener, and you have produce coming from your own vegetable garden every day. Actually, any kind of indecisiveness is a real handicap. I have a dear friend who cannot make even the smallest choice without spending at least 15 minutes first wavering towards one thing and then another. Its tough when you're standing in front of a candy machine at the train station, you money is in it and your train is pulling in. Then she always ends up with a Hershey bar. Really. But seriously, at this time of year, it's really hard to choose one thing over another, haricot beans over Swiss chard? Beets or baby carrots? Right around the 4th of July, the best stuff starts coming in from gardens and farms. So much to pick from, I still can't decide.

Not complaining, though. Most of the year, I'd love to have such a problem. Wallow in the good stuff while you can! I'll decide after I munch a radish or two. Enjoy the long holiday weekend.

Just rinse and serve.

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