Friday, March 15, 2013

Fee, Fie, Foe, Friday: Random and Rambling

This has been a pretty cool week, and while I usually sit here and complain on Fridays, I'm not...yet. I'm sure I'll find something before I finish writing.

First off, some of you know that I have three good friends that I've kept up with on a private blog every morning for over 5 years...and that half of us have never met the others. A few of you reading this are those women, but they probably know me better than friends I've seen regularly for 25 years. Their names are Betty, Amy and Barbara. Nice, mid-20th C names, right? Well, that's what we are. Nice, intelligent,  mid- century women.  I "talk" to these women before I've had coffee, when my hair is sticking up and the animals are waiting for breakfast. We've been with each other on bad hair days, fat days, when those we've loved have died, through job losses and ruined recipes. You name it, we've been through it, with virtual hugs, good advice, asparagus crowns and late night phone calls.

Last weekend, Betty, who lives south of here, in MD, trekked up to go to the Philadelphia Flower Show with me. My co-workers think it's quite brave of us to go off with people you only know from the internet; this is different. We've been friends for years and finally getting to meet her was a thrill. I'm impressed over and over with this smart, funny, caring lady named Betty I have coffee with nearly every day and now, I can't wait to catch up in person with the other two somewhere, somehow. Logistics for us all are a bitch. Love you guys!

Oh, and my complaint? It's too cold and windy, and its time to rake the cover off the asparagus...I don't like gardening in Uggs and a down coat.

Betty and Judy...
Before we walked our feet off at the Philadelphia Flower Show.


  1. My sister! And you're right, she's very special.

    1. Sunny, you are sooo right. I don't have a sister myself, but I'd love one like Betty. Your a lucky girl. You think we could clone her??