Monday, April 8, 2013

A Garden Update: Raised Beds, Figs and Whine

There's a lot going on here at our house right now. Chuck will be having some outpatient surgery this week, and while I'm here with him for most of this week, I am planning a few changes to the blog. I think it'll look a lot better and will work much better for you.

There isn't much cooking going on right now, but there will be soon since I can't stay home for more than a day without some sort of big cooking project. I also remembered that I haven't give you any sort of garden report since the end of last season. The annual raking has begun, including my annual snake-raking, and this year I'm converting the garden to a raised bed system. I've had it with the rocky, clayish tree-root filled soil in this yard.  The materials to build the first two should arrive this week, and hopefully will get some dirt--a good mix of compost, spent mushroom soil and topsoil delivered as soon as I can build the beds. They're kits and should fit together easily. I have a feeling that should is the operative word here. We'll see. I'll let you all know. Yes, I AM whining.

I do have news in the fig tree department. In the Fall, my little fig tree, named Fignatious, lost all its leaves like a good little deciduous tree should, and just as soon as the days began to grow longer, it began to sprout. I now have 4 tiny little figs growing on Fignatious. Planning to eat them all myself.  I have to find a permanent outdoor home for Fig this season, and the perfect spot, a west -facing wall near the patio is occupied by an old rangy looking lilac bush. I'd love to get it out of there, but it's huge, deep-rooted and has probably been there for 70 years. A shame, but it doesn't flower well, and it would be a great shielded spot for fig, where it would be less likely to be eaten by deer. Will have to work on that, hmmm?

Fignatious, my little fig tree has baby figs!
When I finally get the beds in, and planted and then find a home for Fig, I have the weedy lawn to deal with since I refuse to let Chuck use herbicide in the garden. Bad for everything.

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