Wednesday, July 10, 2013

Dog Days: Simple Healthy Frozen Dog Treats

You know its Summer when you absolutely have to pry the dog out of the house for a walk in the middle of the day. He's dragging me out the door in the morning and evening to go, go, go, but at midday, it's no, no, no. According to the Old Farmer's Almanac, " the hot sultry time known as the Dog Days has begun--and lasts for 40 days, from July 3 through August 11. Named for the Dog Star, Sirius, which rises and sets with the Sun at this time, the Dog Days are associated with uncomfortable levels of heat and humidity."

Every day around here is a dog day. It's his house; he just lets us pay for the food and the mortgage. Still, I do feel bad for him during these hot days, and so I make him a few favorite frozen dog treats that help keep him cool.

These aren't really recipes, (there plenty of good versions that are more exact, but I am not that fussy, and neither is The Fuzzy Boy), these are just purees of dog friendly ingredients frozen in ice cube trays. And all are grain free.

The first is essentially a smoothie of ripe banana, peanut butter and plain yogurt, with a little water added if it's too thick to pour into the cube tray. Some folks add honey, but he's never had it and I'm not starting him on any kind of sugar.

Second is chicken stock (which I usually have frozen in cubes to cook with, anyway).

Third is organic meat pureed baby food, (single ingredient) mixed with yogurt and stock, and frozen.

Just remember to give these treats, either in a bowl, or outside where you can hose away any sticky mess.

And I can lure him out the door with one of these.

Your pup will love these guaranteed, and the cat will be jealous.

Resting his little head on the cool marble
 threshold. He lives in air conditioning, but he still hates the heat.

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