Friday, December 28, 2012

Fee, Fie, Foe, Friday: 362 Dieting Days Before Christmas

Every year, I swear I won't start mainstreaming Christmas cookies a week before Christmas. Every year, in spite of my best intentions, I start shoveling them down with abandon. And then, the morning after Christmas I swear the DIET STARTS AGAIN when I step off the scale. Until nightfall and there are still cookies begging to be eaten lurking in my kitchen. Like these.

They look so lonesome. I must eat them.
I can pass up cake, I can pass up pie, but not cookies. I am married to The Cookie Man. He only makes chocolate chip cookies, but he also makes, minimally 12 dozen, and usually double that. Add to it those I make, those the girls make and those brought by guests, and maybe you can see my dilemma. There are a lot of really good cookies around, and since my family and friends are not slouches when it comes to baking, there is no tossing them out. they get eaten, and many of them by me.

This morning's weigh-in was not pretty. I am two pounds heavier than I was at Thanksgiving. It's also four weeks closer to swimsuit season. I have excuses: I'm tired and need quick energy since I work retail, and the early dark and short daylight hours are depressing so I eat ...cookies. None of it matters when I step on the scale on a cold, dark morning. It'sd the damn cookies. I refuse to take responsibility for any of it.

In a week or so they'll be gone, and on New Year's day, I will join millions of my fellow Americans in resolving to lose a few pounds. Again.

Luckily, there are another 362 dieting days before Christmas 2013.

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