Friday, May 30, 2014

Fee, Fie, Foe, Friday: Oh, the Wonderful Mistakes I'll Make!

And, Oh, the wonderful mistakes I've made!  Big and small, I've made them all. (Thank you, Dr. Seuss) Under-baked a cheesecake. That was a laughable mistake that has made for a great family story.  Learned something.  That enormous package of tilapia from Costco? Mistake, but I learned something there, too. Making permanent life changes to meet other peoples expectations, not so laughable. Big mistake, though. Learned big lessons there, too.  I have made millions of mistakes. Millions,  I tell you, mostly small, but a few doozies, too.

As a fairly recent widow, I am making some mistakes, I am sure, I just don't know they are mistakes yet. Time will tell. I'm being cautious, but still. Decisions to be made on my own, though luckily with the help of good advisors.  Trying to go slow and consider. Some things I've chosen I know would have made Chuck yell in frustration at my thickheadedness. But he's not here, and I am.  Some of my choices have already proved to be smart ones,  and a few, not so much, but no big deal, either. We'll see how things pan out.

Besides the lessons learned directly from my mistakes, I have always taken this away, too: I can study all I want, but I've learned the most from being wrong, and making mistakes.  Every mistake has made me wiser in some way.  And I'm no longer afraid to make a mistake. All and all, I think thats what a lot of life is about here on the food chain.

Burnt chicken, Mistake #6,457,623.
Lesson: never walk away from anything in the broiler.

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